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Analytical Seminar
Mon. 11/24/14, 04:10, CS 231
Visualizing Non-Fluorescence Molecu
Dan Fu (Harvard Univ.)

Phys. Chem. Seminar
Mon. 11/24/14, 04:10, CS 231
Chemistry at the Threshold: Unexpl
Scott Kable (Univ. of New SW)

Phys. Chem. Seminar
Tue. 11/25/14, 04:10, CS 231
Catalytic Materials for Energy Conv
Yijin Kang (Argonne Lab)




Department News

Kuwana-Sawyer and Sawyer Award Funds Support Analytical Chemistry StudentsKuwana-Sawyer and Sawyer Award Funds Support Analytical Chemistry Students

November 05, 2014

Thanks to generous donations by UCR Chemistry alumni John Precht and Eddie Seo, three of our undergraduate students worked full-time in the laboratory this summer. The Kuwana-Sawyer Award honors Ted Kuwana and Donald T. Sawyer, well-known analytical chemists and former UCR professors, while providing support for undergraduate students doing research in analytical chemistry. This year's Kuwana-Sawyer Award recipients are Austin Chang (working with Prof. Yinsheng Wang), Nancy Ortega (working with Prof. Wenwan Zhong), and Philip Lee (working with Prof. Huiwang Ai). The students are all very appreciative of the opportunity to work full-time in the lab this summer, doing cutting-edge science and building skills to use in their future careers. In addition to doing research, Austin, Nancy and Philip joined about 30 other summer research students from all areas of science and engineering for seminars on searching the literature, scientific ethics, academic professionalism, applying to graduate school, interview skills and making successful poster and oral presentations.  Read Moretest

ACS Scholars Award Winner - Krystal VasquezACS Scholars Award Winner - Krystal Vasquez

October 15, 2014

Senior chemistry major Krystal Vasquez has been selected to receive an ACS Scholars Award. The ACS Scholars Program awards about 100 renewable scholarships nationwide to students interested in pursuing a career in chemical sciences.  Read Moretest
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Alumni News

Dr. Patrick Dunne (UCR Chemistry BS 1964)Dr. Patrick Dunne (UCR Chemistry BS 1964)

March 31, 2014

Patrick Dunne, Ph.D., Retired Senior Advisor in Advanced Processing and Nutritional Biochemistry for the Department of Defense Combat Feeding Directorate at the U.S. Army Research Center, has received the 2014 Nicholas Appert Award for his leadership in focused research in advanced food processing that has led to transition to new processing technologies, such as high pressure processing, pulsed electric field processing, and microwave sterilization to move from laboratory research to industrial adoption and production of improved food products.  Read Moretest
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