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Min Xue
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Nanjing University, China – B.S. in Chemistry (2008)
University of California, Los Angeles – Ph.D. in Chemistry (2013)
California Institute of Technology – Postdoc Scholar (2013-2016)

Office: 340 Chemical Sciences
Phone O/L: (951) 827-4865/4868
Research Area: Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Materials Chemistry
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The premise of my research at UCR is to study the supramolecular properties of peptides, and to explore their biomedical applications. There are several specific topics:
  • Design supramolecular peptides that are capable of binding to specific proteins. The goal is to seek inhibitors for previously undruggable protein targets and establish new therapeutics.
  • Develop functional peptides as the basis of novel bioanalytical methods, and implement these methods to map the dynamics of cell signaling pathways. This will help us to decode the mechanisms behind disease progression and drug resistance.
  • Construct supramolecular peptide-based nanoparticles that complement existing nanomedicine platforms, especially in the realm of immunotherapy and infectious diseases.

Open Positions

The Xue group is looking for interested undergraduate students and graduate students to join the group, starting the summer of 2016.

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