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Tue. 12/1/15, 05:10, CS 231
Campus Visit
Prof. Craig Aspinwall

Department Colloquium
Wed. 12/2/15, 04:10, BRNHL A125
Developing Artificial Genetic Polym
John Chaput (UCI)

Wed. 12/2/15, 05:30, CS 231
Plans for Professional/Scholarly Ac
Dr. Melissa Weinrich

Analytical Seminar
Thu. 12/3/15, 12:10, CS 231
Charles Ruiz (UCR)

Upcoming Events

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Department News

More Sun For Less MoneyMore Sun For Less Money

November 16, 2015

UCR chemist Christopher Bardeen is looking for ways in which solar energy could be made cheaper by coaxing solar cells to generate more power and thus reducing land use for solar panels.  Read Moretest

National Chemistry Week with Taft ElementaryNational Chemistry Week with Taft Elementary

November 04, 2015

Chemistry grad students helped celebrate National Chemistry Week at Taft Elementary School on October 29th. Kids were lead through an interactive experiment to teach the Scientific Method and foster excitement for Science Fair. Strong support from Taft administrators and teachers has helped the program have a large impact. Since 2012, when the program was started by Dr. Kerry Hanson, participation in Science Fair has increased from a few entries per grade to full participation for grades 3-6. ACS regional chair, Dr. DiMauro, also provided a "mole" for every student.test

Best Poster Award at C-SPINBest Poster Award at C-SPIN

October 25, 2015

Congratulations to Ariana Nguyen on receiving a best poster award at the annual C-SPIN review. Her project entitled Metal Contact Formation and Substrate Ferroelectric Poling: Effective Means of Determining MoS2 Transport Properties was performed under the direction of Pofessor Bartels. Standing next to Ariana is the C-SPIN director Jianping Wang. C-SPIN is one of the STARnet centers funded by DARPA..  Read Moretest

Undergraduate Poster AwardUndergraduate Poster Award

October 04, 2015

Sahar Alvillar received a Best Poster Award at the Techcon 2015 conference. Sahar worked with Prof. Bartels on his project entitled "CVD Growth and Characterization of TMD materials on Patterned and Non-Patterned Substrates".  Read Moretest
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Alumni News

Gregory Barding Assistant Professor at Cal Poly PomonaGregory Barding Assistant Professor at Cal Poly Pomona

September 21, 2015

Dr. Gregory Barding earned his PhD from UCR in 2013 working under the direction of Cindy Larive. His PhD research focused on studies of the metabolomics of biological systems in plants and organisms. Dr. Barding continued his metabolomics work during a postdoc at the University of Washington. In 2014 he accepted an Assistant Professor position at Cal Poly Pomona. His current research explores the biochemical mechanisms responsible for plant survival by monitoring changes in metabolite levels  Read Moretest
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