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James Davies
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


University of Cambridge, UK - BA and MSci. (Natural Sciences) (2006–2010)
University of Bristol, UK - Ph.D. Chemistry (2010–2014)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA - Postdoctoral Researcher (2014–2017)

Office: 328 Chemical Sciences
Phone O/L: (951) 827-4352
Research Area: Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
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Aerosol particles and droplets in the atmosphere provide an abundance of liquid and solid surfaces on which chemical transformations occur. My group explores the physical nature of the resulting liquid-vapor and solid-vapor boundaries towards a molecular-level understanding of interfacial chemistry. Using techniques developed in our laboratory, individual droplets are levitated and manipulated using electric fields and lasers, and analyzed using techniques ranging from light scattering to mass spectrometry. Our research seeks to answer key questions on the role of aerosol in the atmosphere, their interactions with climate and human health, and their potential role in mitigating environmental impacts. Projects will include:
  • Photooxidation initiated at the surface of particles and droplets following uptake of reactive species, such as radicals and ozone, or illumination.
  • Characterization of the physical properties of ambient and laboratory generated samples of atmospheric aerosol material.
  • The use of aerosol in carbon sequestration, using new and established particle substrates, such as ionic liquids, to catalyze the formation of organic molecules from carbon dioxide.
  • Fundamental role of interface adsorption in regulating reaction pathways, energetics, and product yields in homogeneous and heterogeneous chemical environments.    

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