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Huiwang Ai
Assistant Professor of Chemistry CFM in CMDB, ETOX and IIGB


Tsinghua University, Beijing - B.S. (2003)
University of Alberta, Edmonton - Ph.D. (2008)
The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla -Postdoctoral Training (2008-2011)

Office: 340 Chemical Sciences
Phone O/L: (951) 827-3710/7188
Research Area: Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry
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Our research focus is to develop fluorescent probes and protein-based reagents to solve chemical and biological problems. Protein engineering, fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy, and synthetic chemistry, are common techniques used in our studies. There are a few long-term goals of our research: first, we hope to advance bioanalytical chemistry by developing novel luminescent/fluorescent sensors for live-cell imaging applications, and we use these probes to answer biological questions related to environmental toxicants and redox biology; second, we try to understand physiological and pathological impacts of redox signaling and oxidative stress, and eventually develop methods to intervene these processes; furthermore, we are interested in photochemical genetics tools and fluorescent probes for brain activities, and new strategies for molecular diversification and recognition, an application of which would be new drug leads against human diseases. 

  • Analytical Chemistry: fluorescent probes for chemicals of environmental or biological interests; photochemical genetics; fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy; live-cell imaging
  • Chemical Biology: protein engineering; cysteine-related redox regulation and signaling; environmental toxin-induced redox responses;  binders and inhibitors of important drug targets 
  • Organic Chemistry: synthesis of fluorescent probes; novel bioorthogonal chemical reactions for biomolecular labeling and expanded molecular diversities; library construction and screening for binders and inhibitors of important drug targets


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