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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside

Our Department, and indeed the UC Riverside campus, continues to be in a period of rapid growth: outstanding faculty continue to join our Department, the numbers of graduate and undergraduate students continue to increase, a new chemistry building has been built.

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citrus greening
Cousin of crop-killing bacteria mutating rapidly
A bacterial species closely related to deadly citrus greening disease is rapidly evolving its ability to infect insect hosts, and possibly plants as well.
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Yosemite Valley
Drought increases microbe-laden dust landing in Sierras
Dust from all over the world is landing in the Sierra Nevada mountains carrying microbes that are toxic to both plants and humans. Research from UC Riverside shows higher concentrations of the dust are landing at lower elevations, where people are more likely to be hiking. 
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Puff electronic cigarettes
Coolants in Puff electronic cigarettes present health hazard
UC Riverside-led study highlights need for regulation to protect public health
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balding man
The chemical controlling life and death in hair follicles
A single chemical is key to controlling when hair follicle cells divide, and when they die. This discovery could not only treat baldness, but ultimately speed wound healing because follicles are a source of stem cells.
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