College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences


Curricular Materials

The UCR Chemistry Department uses innovative pedagogical approaches like the use of case studies and active learning approaches to enhance the experience of our students. This site shares some of the curricular materials developed by UCR faculty to support chemistry instruction. These materials are freely available for use provided attribution is given to the author. The materials in the Chemistry Case Study collection have been developed with funding by grants to Dr. Jack Eichler and Prof. Richard Hooley who are developing innovative case studies for use in General and Organic Chemistry. The Analytical Sciences Digital Library (ADSL) is a project that has been funded by NSF and supported by the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry. ASDL is the result of a nation-wide collaboration involving analytical chemistry faculty including Prof. Cynthia Larive at UCR. The Organic Chemistry online textbook was developed by Prof. Emeritus Robert C. Neuman and provides a free e-text for students and instructors of organic chemistry.

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