College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences


CHEM 197

Sophomore or Junior Standing - you may enroll 1-4 units per quarter; repeatable to 6 unit MAX

CHEM 199

Senior Standing - you may enroll 1-4 units per quarter; repeatable to 9 units MAX


Senior Standing - you may enroll 1-5 units per quarter; repeatable to 9 units MAX. 
NOTE: minimum 3.00 GPA CUM


Enrollment Assistance

Requirements =  CHEM 001A and CHEM 01LA, CHEM 001B and CHEM 01LB, CHEM 001C and CHEM 01LC, and usually one year of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 112A, CHEM 112B, CHEM 112C)

Once you have satisfied these requirements above, your next step is to speak with your Academic Advisor Shana Medah ( or your designated academic advisor during drop-in hours and pick up a “Request for Chemistry Research/Special Studies” form. In order to have this request fulfilled, you must have approval from your Academic Advisor AND your Faculty member of interest. Once the form is signed by your advisor and Faculty member, submit the form to the Undergraduate Student Affairs office in the Chemistry Department (

Note = You cannot enroll yourself into an undergraduate research course. Students who enroll themselves without permission will be dropped.

Special Research Programs at UCR:

MARC U STAR: Maximizing Access to Research Careers Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research

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CAMP: California Alliance for Minority Participation

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MSRIP: Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program

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STEM Pathway Program

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Non-UCR Research Opportunities:

Cal State, Los Angeles: REU Program

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Cal State, Fullerton: REU Program

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UC Irvine: REU Program

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Purdue: REU Program

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Univ. of Kansas: REU Program

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USC: REU Program

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MRSEC: REU Program

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American Chemical Society: Research experience, internships, co-ops, and more

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