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Financial Support


The Chemistry Department guarantees five years of financial support to full-time domestic and international Ph. D. students in good standing. This support includes a stipend, plus all tuition and fees, and insurance. Students are typically supported by a combination of Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships.


UCR has several fellowships for outstanding Ph. D. applicants, including the Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellowship. The Eugene Cota-Robles Award is designed to encourage diversity in the graduate population. All students are encouraged to consider applying for outside graduate fellowships, which can be found on the Graduate Division website.

Travel Fellowships

The Graduate Student Association awards travel fellowships to ensure that all students can attend conferences during their period of study.

Health Coverage and Benefits

All students supported at 25% time or greater are covered by health insurance provided by the University. Details about the GSHIP health plan can be found on the Graduate Student Association website as well as the UCR campus healthcare site.


All students at UCR are eligible for subsidized childcare at the UCR Child Development Center (CDC).

During the academic year each ASE (working 25% time or more) shall receive up to $1,100 per quarter for expenses incurred for qualified dependents during the ASE's appointment period. During the summer session, each eligible ASE shall receive up to a total of $1,100 for expenses incurred during the ASE's summer appointment(s). An eligible ASE is a registered student during the academic year terms preceding and succeeding the Summer Session for which the reimbursement is requested, has at least a 25% ASE appointment for the term of the appointment(s), and has (a) qualified dependent(s). Qualified dependents shall include any children in the custody of the ASE who are age 12 or under on July 1.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Riverside is higher than in some regions of the country, but is relatively inexpensive compared to many areas of California. According to the CNN Cost of Living Calculator of August 2008, the cost of living in Riverside, CA is 80% of that in Los Angeles/Long Beach/Orange County, 86% of that in San Diego and 70% of that in San Francisco.

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