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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside

Our Department, and indeed the UC Riverside campus, continues to be in a period of rapid growth: outstanding faculty continue to join our Department, the numbers of graduate and undergraduate students continue to increase, a new chemistry building has been built.

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Ludwig Bartels and Alexander Balandin (c) UCR


Data-Driven Discovery of One-Dimensional Materials


Bartels and Balandin receive $1.12 million grant to discover new van der Waals materials



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Scientists precisely measure total amount of matter in the universe
UC Riverside-led team’s technique relied on determining the mass of galaxy clusters
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Entomologist gains ignoble distinction
People who research insects for a living are just like us — totally creeped out by spiders. This is the finding of a paper that earned retired UC Riverside spider expert Richard Vetter a 2020 Ig Nobel Award.
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fungus microscopy
Let them eat rocks
UC Riverside is leading an effort that could help ensure food security and improve the worst effects of climate change — by studying rock-eating bacteria and fungi.
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WD1856b, a jupiter-sized planet orbiting a white dwarf star
Newly discovered planet survived the death of its star
Astronomers report what may be the first example of an intact planet closely orbiting a white dwarf
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