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Leonard Mueller
Professor of Chemistry Department Chair & Director, ACIF


University of Rochester - B.S. (1988)
University of Cambridge - C.P.G.S. (1989)
California Institute of Technology - Ph.D. (1997)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - ACS Postdoc. Fellow (1996-1998)

Office: 124 Chemical Sciences
Phone O/L: (951) 827-3565/7365
Research Area: Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Materials Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
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My research group is advancing the characterization of molecular structure and dynamics and exploring new applications of magnetic resonance to chemical physics. While nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is the centerpiece of our work, we also make considerable use of ab initio computational theory and an underlying theme of our work is how NMR fits into a larger framework for constructing and quantitatively testing chemically-detailed models of structure and conformational dynamics. Current research in my group focuses on the following: (1) NMR crystallography: from organic molecular crystals to enzymatic intermediates in the active site of tryptophan synthase; (2) structure and dynamics with solid-state NMR, emphasizing the development of novel experimental and theoretical methods with applications to materials and biological solids; (3) dynamic NMR: new applications to kinetic and thermodynamic studies of DNA and carbohydrates in solution; and (4) NMR pedagogy.


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