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Min Xue
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Nanjing University, China – B.S. in Chemistry (2008)
University of California, Los Angeles – Ph.D. in Chemistry (2013)
California Institute of Technology – Postdoc Scholar (2013-2016)

Office: 340 Chemical Sciences
Phone O/L: (951) 827-4865/4868
Research Area: Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Materials Chemistry
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The premise of our research is to develop chemical probes that enable novel bioanalytical methods, especially at single-cell resolution. 

There are several specific projects.

  • We implement chemical methods for assaying metabolites at the single-cell level. The goal is to expand the current arsenal of microfluidics-based multiplex single-cell metabolic assay technology.
  • We establish non-genetic approaches to dynamically interrogate cell signaling activities at the single-cell level.
  • We design and construct topologically complex multi-cyclic peptides for specific recognition of protein epitopes and small molecules. We also explore their potential applications in bioanalytical chemistry and catalysis.
  • We develop special strategies to improve the currently available immuno-therapies.

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