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Christopher Reed
Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Chemistry


University of Auckland, New Zealand - B.S. (1967)
University of Auckland, New Zealand - Ph.D. (1971)
Stanford University, California - Postdoc. (1971-1973)

Office: n/a
Phone O/L: (951) 827-n/a
Research Area: Inorganic Chemistry
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Professor Reed's group specializes in making molecules that haven't been made before, or stabilizing molecules previously considered to be unstable. Current synthetic targets include the strongest acid (a carborane acid), the least coordinating anion, a new class of ionic liquids, self assembling fullerene/porphyrin supramolecular conjugates, hemoprotein model compounds, novel carbon-based materials, fullerene ions, activation of xenon, , and reactive cations across the periodic table. These systems are applied to problems of acid catalysis in inorganic and organic chemistry, to bioinorganic chemistry and to materials science.

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Professor Reed is Director of the Center for S and P Block Chemistry. See


Professor Reed is no longer accepting new research students.


The remarkably inert carborane anion CB11H6Cl6-



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