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James Davies
Assistant Professor of Chemistry


University of Cambridge, UK - BA and MSci. (Natural Sciences) (2006–2010)
University of Bristol, UK - Ph.D. Chemistry (2010–2014)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA - Postdoctoral Researcher (2014–2017)

Office: 328 Chemical Sciences
Phone O/L: (951) 827-4352
Research Area: Environmental Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
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Aerosol particles and droplets in the atmosphere are responsible for the formation of clouds and scattering of solar radiation, and have strong impacts on air quality and human health. Suspended droplets in an aerosol exhibit unique physical and chemical characteristics that differ significantly from their bulk counterpart. 

The Davies group seeks to connect the physical properties and chemical evolution of aerosol to better understand how they become transformed and what impact this has in the environment. Using techniques developed in our laboratory, individual droplets are levitated and manipulated using electric fields and lasers, and analyzed using techniques ranging from light scattering to mass spectrometry. Our research seeks to answer key questions on the role of aerosol in the atmosphere, their interactions with climate and human health, and their potential role in mitigating environmental impacts. Research areas include:
  • Measuring physical properties (surface tension, viscosity, hygroscopicity etc.) of suspended droplets 
  • Exploring chemical evolution through photo-initiated processes and reactive gas uptake
  • Connecting evolving chemical composition with changing physical properties
  • Exploring the role of the interface in regulating chemical reactivity in homogeneous and heterogeneous processes

Open Positions: The Davies group is looking for interested and motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join the group, starting Fall 2018.

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