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Eric Chronister
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry


University of California, Los Angeles - B.S. (1980)
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Ph.D. (1985)
University of California, Los Angeles - Postdoctoral Fellow (1985-1987)

Office: 128 Chemical Sciences
Phone O/L: (951) 827-3288/3297
Research Area: Physical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
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Our research focuses on ultrafast (~10 -12 sec) vibrational and electronic dynamics in molecular solids by the use of coherent nonlinear time-resolved laser spectroscopy. Novel laser systems are designed to generate ultrashort laser light pulses which are used as time-resolved probes of molecular dynamics. Variable temperature (e.g. 1.1 - 1000 K) and diamond anvil techniques are utilized to control intermolecular interactions under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.
The following projects investigate chemical dynamics and novel applications of molecular solids:
  • The Dynamics of Molecular Solids at High Pressure. Diamond anvil high pressure cells (~105 atm) are used to alter intermolecular distances, while picosecond coherent anti-Stokes Raman and photon echo spectroscopies are used to probe energy relaxation and dephasing in molecular solids.
  • The Dynamics of Organically Doped Sol-Gel Glasses, and Development of Sol-Gel Clad Fiber Optic Sensors. The molecular dynamics (e.g. energy transfer and rotational motion), optical response (e.g. fast optical switching), and chemical sensor characteristics of these unique porous glasses are being investigated.
  • Dynamic high pressure studies of chemical and physical changes using novel dynamic diamond anvil cells.  The kinetics of chemical and physical changes (e.g. protein folding, solid-solid phase changes, etc.) are initiated by an impulsive pressure change and probed using time-resolved spectroscopy.
  • Vibrational Energy Bottlenecks in Molecular Solids. The mechanism by which vibrational modes store and dispose of vibrational energy is important for determining chemical reactivity.


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