Dr. Tas Dienes is currently Chief Technology Officer at SmartAction, a software company providing intelligent call automation systems via a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model.  SmartAction provides an automated system that answers phone calls for other companies, and it uses artificial intelligence to do so in a much smarter, friendlier, and more helpful way than the common and annoying touchtone menu driven systems with which everyone is familiar.  Most of his work is centered on connecting the AI “brains” to the real world – building the infrastructure that they run on, and getting phone calls and data in and out of them.

SmartAction was started in 2009 for the purpose of commercializing the artificial intelligence technology that has been developed over the previous several years by the parent company, Adaptive AI, Inc.  Their ultimate goal is to continue developing the AI technology to make it ever more intelligent and more useful, and to develop other commercial products around this technology in the future. 

Previously Tas was CTO of Forval International, a startup which developed an all-in-one network server for small businesses.  While at UCR, he was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of I/O Software, a company which developed information security software that enabled companies to use biometric authentication devices and cryptographic tokens to secure access to computer systems and applications. 

Tas completed his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at UCR in 2002 in the research group of Dr. Kim Prather, working on the design, construction, and characterization of the first field-portable aerosol time-of-flight mass spectrometers (ATOFMS).


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