College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences


The Chemistry department is pleased to honor our former colleague, Prof. Robert Haddon, by recognizing an outstanding graduate student, Wangxiang “Luke” Li with the 2020 Robert C. Haddon Memorial Endowed Graduate Award. Luke started his UCR career as a visiting undergraduate working with Prof. Haddon in 2015, before being co-advised by Elena Bekyarova (Haddon) and Chris Bardeen after Haddon’s untimely passing. Luke has been extremely productive, co-authoring 11 publications to date, including three first-author publications. He has been developing techniques for cross-linking oriented carbon nanotubes to allow anisotropic electronic transport in nanotube films that will help make these materials more viable in technological applications. He is also exploring ways to use two-dimensional materials like graphene and boron nitride to encapsulate and protect single crystals without interfering with their optical properties, which could help avoid the degradation that plagues organic crystal materials. Luke is “really honored” to receive the award endowed on behalf of his former mentor. After graduation, Wangxiang intends to pursue post-doctoral research in physical and materials chemistry.

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