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2015 Chemistry Faculty Hires

Matthew Conley (Catalysis)
Dr. Conley received Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 2008 with Prof. Richard Jordan. From 2008-2011 Dr. Conley held a postdoctoral position at the Institut Catala d'Investigacio Quimica (ICIQ), in Spain with Javier de Mendoza. Since then he has held a postdoctoral position at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zürich, Switzerland with Prof. Christophe Coperet. Dr. Conley's independent research will focus on using molecular precision in the design of heterogeneous catalysts designed for applications such as photocatalytic splitting of water, activation of C-H bonds for dehydrogenation, or heterogeneous biocatalysis. (Personal Webpage)

Boniface Fokwa (Materials)
Dr. Fokwa received his PhD in Chemistry from the Technical University Dresden in 2003 with Professors Peter Böttcher and Michael Ruck. Dr. Fokwa held a postdoctoral position in Inorganic Chemistry at TU Dresden (2003-04) followed by a DFG-postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University (Germany). In 2011 Dr. Fokwa completed his Habilitant position at Aachen andsince that time he has been awarded two Heisenberg Fellow positions at Aachen. Dr. Fokwa has held Visiting Scientist positions at the University of Auckland NZ (2011), Cornel University (2012), and UCLA (2014). Dr. Fokwa's independent research will focus on the synthesis and characterization of new boron containing materials, including rare-earth-free high energy density magnetic materials; multifunctional materials based on planar boron building blocks; micro- and nano-materials as electrocatalysts; and the design of hard and super hard materials. (Personal Webpage)

Joseph Genereux (Bioanalytical)
Dr. Genereux received his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology in 2009 with Prof. Jacqueline Barton. Since then he has held postdoctoral research associate positions at the Scripps Research Institute with Professor Jeffery Kelly supported by a Ruth Kirchstein NRS Award (2010-13), and an American Heart Association Fellowship (2014-present). Dr. Genereux's independent research will focus on understanding the molecular mechanisms of lipoprotein biology, particularly how lipoprotein folding and misfolding influences cardiovascular disease. (Personal Webpage)

Chao Wang (Materials)
Dr. Wang received his PhD in Chemistry from Tsinghua University in 2011 with Professors Xi Zhang. Dr. Wang is completing a postdoctoral researcher position at Stanford with Professor Zhenan Bao (2011-present). Dr. Wang's independent research will utilize molecular and supramolecular polymer chemistry to control the assembly architecture and energy dissipation for the development of mechanically adaptive electronic polymers for high-performance and wearable electronics. (Personal Webpage)

2014 Chemistry Faculty Hires
De-en Jiang (Materials)
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David Martin (Organic)
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2013 Chemistry Faculty Hires
Hill Harman (Organic)
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